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      We have permanently closed our online shop.  The Mega Miniatures brand  has been dissolved, with the majority of the products we offered over the last 12 years finding new homes 

as seen below.  This list will be update every month 

throughout the 2014 year as molds continue to sell. 

  MEM-20019 Bookshelves x 2

  MEM-20026 Jars x 3

  MEM-20050  Baskets x 8

  DEAL-20057  Buckets

  DEAL-20058  Rolled Carpets

  MEM-20028  Blacksmiths shop

  MEM-20030  The RACK

  MEM-0002  Trophy

  DEAL-44104 Sabre Tooth

  DEAL-44103 Doedicurus

  DEAL-44106 Andrewsarchus

  1034e Giant Crab Man

  T-16 Boobarian Ogress

  MEM-20012 Elven Throne set

  MEM-20011 Corpse Cart

  MEM-20016 Dragon's Treasure Hoard

  MEM-20023 Skull nest with eggs

  MEM-20029 FIreplace Set

  MEM-20031 Severed Trophy Heads

  MEM-20044 Cacti

  1053A  Dwarves with Cannon

  1053B Dwarves with Mortar

  Dwarves 1051h, 1052c, e, k, n, m, o, L, p, Q

  MEM-20001 Hangman

  MEM-20002 Guilotine

  MEM-20003 Woman in stocks

  DEAL-20003b Boy in Stocks

  MEM-20006  Beds, cloth & animal skin

  DEAL-20007a  Wooden Chair

  DEAL-20007b Table with food

  DEAL-20007d  Plain Table

  DEAL-20007e Table with playing cards

  DEAL-20007h Wizards table with tools

  DEAL-20017a Still

  DEAL-20017b  Bubbling Cauldron

  DEAL-20017e Wizards coat rack

  DEAL-20017g  crystal ball

  DEAL-20017f  Pedestal mirror

  DEAL-20046 Round Table

  MEM-20037 Castle Defenders

  MEM-20038 Palisades

  1016h female vampire  

  MEM-90007  King's Court x 24 codes

  MEM-28010  Elves x 9 codes

  DEAL-0105 Female Thief

  DEAL-0108 Female Assasin

  DEAL-0116 Executioner

  DEAL-0345 Druid Elderly Man 

  DEAL-0348 Druid man with mace

  DEAL-0351 Druid Female staff raised

  DEAL-0521 Halfling Drinking Ale

  DEAL-0522 Halfling woman with apple

  DEAL-0524 Halfling Mother and Child

  DEAL-0525 Halfling playing flute

  DEAL-0527 Halfling with Cane

  DEAL-0528 Halfling sleeping

  DEAL-0529 Halfling boy with slingshot

  DEAL-0530 Halfling eating apple

  DEAL-0531 Halfling with broom

  DEAL-0532 Halfling reading

  DEAL-0533 Halfling fishing

  DEAL-0534 Halfling Riding dog

  DEAL-0539 Halfling hunting rabbit

  DEAL-0541 Halfling with garden hoe

  DEAL-0542 Halfling boy running

  DEAL-0543 Halfling girl running

  DEAL-0565 Elder Smoking pipe

  DEAL-0566 Butcher

  DEAL-0580 Baker

  DEAL-0586 Blacksmith

  DEAL-0413 Arabian with cup

  DEAL-0428 Arabian female with sword

  DEAL-0429 Arabian knight with sword

  DEAL-0430 Arabian knight with sword

  DEAL-0431 Arabian knight with polearm

  DEAL-0433 Arabian assassin female

  DEAL-0434 Arabian knight with spear

  DEAL-0442 Arabian knight defender

  DEAL-0443 Arabian knight sword/dagger

  DEAL-0444 Arabian knight on lookout

  DEAL-0445 Arabian female with mace

  DEAL-0446 Arabian knight with scimidar

  DEAL-0800 Female Mage

  1004F Barbarian with Spear

  DEAL-49002 Mutt

  MEM-40001  Sheep and Ram x 3

  MEM-40002  Pigs x 2

  MEM-40003  Cows x 2

  MEM-40004  Goats x 2

  DEAL-40006 Fox

  DEAL-40006 Hound

  MEM-40018  Wolves x 3

  DEAL-40021e  German Shepard

  MEM-40016  Bears x 3

  MEM-40010  Deer x 3

  DEAL-40009d  Cat resting

  DEAL-40009e  Cat prowling

  DEAL-40023a  Boar

  MEM-40022 Lions x 3

  DEAL-40025a Duck

  DEAL-40025d Pheasant

  DEAL-40025e  Turkey

  DEAL-40013  Eagle & Hawk x 2

  MEM-40043  Critters x 6

  DEAL-0227 Pregnant woman with child

  DEAL-0228 Pistol waving rocker

  DEAL-0229 Sawed off shotgun

  DEAL-230 Pool stick

  DEAL-0231 Pitbull

  DEAL-0232 Punk with pipe

  DEAL-0233 Fist of fury

  DEAL-0234 Bottle Thrower

  DEAL-0235 Baseball Bat

  DEAL-0236 Dog handler with chain

  DEAL-0237 Hoe

  DEAL-0246 Fireman with raised axe

  DEAL-0238 Fireman with hose

  DEAL-0241 Fireman with pick axe

  DEAL-0242 FIreman with fire extinguisher

  DEAL-0244 Fireman with axe

  DEAL-0496 Agent with pistol

  DEAL-0498 Agent communicating

  DEAL-0499 Agent drawing weapon

  DEAL-0492 Agent arms at side

  DEAL-0493 Important Person

  DEAL-0322 Kung Fu defending

  DEAL-0323 Kung Fu kicking

  DEAL-0324 Kung Fu blocking

  DEAL-0325 Kung Fu with spear

  DEAL-0326 Kung Fu with sai

  DEAL-0327 Kung Fu master

  DEAL-0328 Kung Fu attacking

  DEAL-0329 Kung Fu with tonfu

  DEAL-0330 Kung Fu Hero

  DEAL-0331 Kung Fu with sword

  DEAL-0648 Soldier in command

  DEAL-0649 Soldier gun raised

  DEAL-0650 Soldier crouching

  DEAL-0651 Soldier advancing

  DEAL-0652 Soldier standing

  DEAL-0653 Soldier firing

  DEAL-0654 Soldier advancing

  DEAL-0655 Soldier sniper

  Zombies 272 through 291 and 605 through 618  (31 codes)

  MEM-39006 Survivora x 8

  MEM-39007 Grunts x 8

  MEM-80006 Civilians x 20

  Children DEAL-0597 through 0604

  MEM-10001 Giant Tarantula x 2

  MEM-10002 Giant Scorpion x 2

  MEM-10004 Giant Ants x 2

  MEM-10006 Giant Worms x 2

  MEM-10007 Giant Snake x 2

  MEM-10008 Giant Bats x 2

  MEM-10009 Giant Rats x 2

  MEM-10010 Giant Toads x 2

  DEAL-0023 Golem Male

  DEAL-0026 Golem Female

  MEM-29006 Fantasy Zombies x 8

  MEM-29007  Orc Villagers x 7

  MEM-27009 Elven Villagers x 7

  MEM-44107 Cavemen x 6

  DEAL-0011 Cocatrice

  DEAL-0016  Mummy

  DEAL-0022 Satyr

  DEAL-0025 Medusa

  DEAL-0027 Werewolf

  DEAL-0109 Beggar

  DEAL-0111 Bar Maid with beer

  DEAL-0112 Fortune Teller

  DEAL-0113 Hunchback

  DEAL-0115 Lady of the night #6

  DEAL-0118 Drunk

  DEAL-0123 Jester

  DEAL-0131 Witch

  DEAL-0173 Elf Swinging

  DEAL-0175 Female Wizard casting

  DEAL-0176 Elderly Druid

  DEAL-0183 Elf with Bow

  DEAL-0188 Male Bard with sword

  DEAL-0213 Amazon with short sword and axe

  DEAL-0333 Swashbuckler

  DEAL-0335 Thief female hand on scabbard

  DEAL-0569 Angry old man

  DEAL-0570 Wounded peasant

  DEAL-0571 Sick peasant

  DEAL-0573 Man whittling

  DEAL-0574 Man crawling

  DEAL-0575 Man yelling

  DEAL-0576 Boy with walking stick

  DEAL-0577 Man fishing

  DEAL-0579 Old man with cane

  DEAL-0581 Prostitute #1

  DEAL-0582 Prostitute #2

  DEAL-0583 Prostitute #3

  DEAL-0584 Prostitute #4

  DEAL-0585 Prostitute #5

  DEAL-0378 Barbarian on Foot

  DEAL-0379 Barbarian Mounted

  DEAL-0388 General Mounted

  DEAL-0168 General on foot

  DEAL-0389 Female adventurer mounted

  DEAL-0185 Female adventurer on foot

  DEAL-0390 Amazon mounted

  DEAL-0214 Amazon on foot

  F010  Goblins set  plus 1015 series (12 codes in all)

  DEAL-20020 Pack Horse

  DEAL-20021 Pack Mule

  DEAL-20022 Pack Camel

  DEAL-0024 Lich

  DEAL-0018 Demon

  DEAL-20013 Barbarian Throne

  DEAL-20008 Globe, Telescope, & Star Gauge

  MEM-90002  Skeletons set  (12 codes in all)

  MEM-29008  Beastmen Boars x 4

  MEM-29009  Beastmen Rams x 4

  Jousting Knights and 10 riders

  Dwarves (entire 1008 series)

  Cavemen 1012c and 1012d

  Giant Minotaurs x 6

  MEM-20014 His and Her Sarcophagus

  MEM-29002  Vampires

  DEAL-1045e Dwarf winter gear

  DEAL-1045a Female winter gear

  DEAL-1045b Male winter gear

  Chaos Knights 1010c, f

  F2  Halfling Thief

  DEAL-0523 Halfling with sling

  DEAL-0526 Halfling with raised sword

  DEAL-0535 Halfling Traveller

  DEAL-0536 Halfling Guard

  DEAL-0537 Halfling Cook

  DEAL-0538 Halfling smoking pipe

  DEAL-0540 Halfling adventurer

  DEAL-0567 Farmer

  DEAL-0568 Woman with Harp

  DEAL-0110 Herald

  DEAL-0114 Rat Catcher

  DEAL-0122 Night watchman

  DEAL-0124 Traveller

  DEAL-0125 Arabian King

  DEAL-0126 Arbian magi

  DEAL-0127 Dandy

  DEAL-0128 Wounded Fighter

  DEAL-0129 Big Boned Fighter

  DEAL-0130 Scribe

  DEAL-0425 Djini

  DEAL-0422 Mage on flying carpet

  DEAL-0420 Mage with oil lamp

  DEAL-0419 Mage

  DEAL-0417 Mage with snake staff

  MEM-20036 Small Catapult

  DEAL-0119 Barkeeps wife

  DEAL-0120 Barkeep

  DEAL-0121 Bar Maid

  DEAL-0338 Bard drawing sword

  DEAL-0341 Bard playing harp

  DEAL-0340 Bard with lute

  DEAL-0337 Bard with sword

  DEAL-0187 Female Bard playing lute

  DEAL-20027 Woman with bucket

  DEAL-0050 Wizard female casting

  DEAL-0061 Wizard reading 

  DEAL-0062 Wizard with book & staff

  DEAL-0172 Aging wizard

  DEAL-0178 Grey wizard thinking

  DEAL-0091 Barbarian with horn

  DEAL-0092 Barbarian with axe

  DEAL-0095 Barabrian with feathered helmet

  1004i Barbarian with spear

  1004L Barbarian swinging sword

  DEAL-40009a  Cat sitting

  DEAL-40009f Cat on back

  DEAL-40020e Dingo

  DEAL-40025c Pelican

  DEAL-40033a Flamingo

  Amazons DEAL-0203 through 0210 & 0212

  DEAL-1176 Giant Wasp

  DEAL-0593 Elf with Spear

  MEM-40044 Colobus Monkeys x 3

  DEAL-40033b Blue Heron

  Arabian Girls 0398 through 401 and 403

  DEAL-0376 / 0377 Barbarian Mounted and foot

  DEAL-0380 / 0381 Elf Mounted and foot

  DEAL-0382 / 0383 Chaos Knight Mounted and foot

  DEAL-0384 / 385  Elven Dark Lord Mounted and foot

  DEAL-0386 / 0387 Wizard Mounted and foot

  Julie Guthrie Grenadier Classics (all 180)

  Ogre Male and Female 1503a, b

  Monk Swinging Staff 1002a

  Female Wizard & Familiar 1017e

  Cleric with Cross 1002H

  Chaos Knights 1010g, h

  1003F Magician summoning

  DEAL-0726  Org Warlord

  DEAL-0727  Vinny the Saw

  DEAL-0728  Nicky the Knife

  DEAL-0013 Blood Sucking Demon

  MEM-00001 Square Bases

  DEAL-0752 through 758  sci-fi GOBLINS

  Visitor Aliens x 10

  Kanine Sci-fi Dogs

  Bio-Bugs Sci-fi

  T2, T5, T9, T10, T11, T12, T13, T14, T15  Boobarians

  MEM-10012 Lizard Swarm

  MEM-39001 SWAT Team

  Modern Construction Set 30002

  Amazon 1040E  MEM-20049 Crates

  MEM-20048 Tree Stumps

  MEM-20047 Stalagmites

  MEM-90015 Kobolds x 5

  DEAL-0009 Giant Bat Man

  DEAL-0028 Swamp Creature

  DEAL-0010 Demon Sitting

  DEAL-0012 Demon Large

  MEM-10011  Giant Rabbits

  DEAL-0051 Wizard with raised wand

  DEAL-0056 Cleric with Cross

  DEAL-0048 Female wizard with crystal ball

  DEAL-0049  Enchantress with sword

  DEAL-0060 Wizard with Familar

  DEAL-0063 Wizard holding Gem 

  DEAL-0418 Mage reading scroll

  DEAL-0421 Mage with crystal ball

  Moonshiners 773 , 774, 780, 781, 782, and 787

  MEM-39013 Extreme Lawn Mower

  DEAL-1126 Male Zombie

  DEAL-1127 Female Zombie

  DEAL-40012b Dachshund

  DEAL-40012d Poodle

  DEAL-40021a Beagle

  DEAL-40021c  Collie

  DEAL-40021d Saint Bernard

  DEAL-40021f Irish settler

  DEAL-40013c  Ravens x 2

  DEAL-40013d  Vultures x 2

  DEAL-0316 Centaur with Sword

  DEAL-0317 Centaur Mace

  DEAL-0318 Centaur with Axe

  DEAL-0319 Centaur with Spear

  DEAL-0320 Centaur with bow

  DEAL-0321 Centaur with sword

  DEAL-0663 Frogman with Sword

  DEAL-0664 Frogman with Mace

  DEAL-0665 Frogman with spear

  DEAL-0666 Frogman with slingshot

  DEAL-0671 Ratman with Sword

  DEAL-0672 Ratman mage

  DEAL-0673 Ratman with sword

  DEAL-0674 Ratman clawing

  DEAL-40012a chihuahua

  DEAL-40012e Pit bull

  DEAL-40021b Bull dog

  DEAL-40042b Rotweiler

  DEAL-40042d Doberman

  DEAL-40042e Great Dane

  DEAL-40042e Blood Hound

  DEAL-40009b  Cat climbing

  DEAL-40009c Cat scared

  DEAL-40012b Labrador retriever

  DEAL-40042c Malamute

  DEAL-40042f Scottish Terrier

  DEAL-40023b Boar

  DEAL-40002c Pig in Mud

  DEAL-40026a, b  Land turtles

  DEAL-40026c Sea Turtles

  MEM-40041 Orangutans x 3

  DEAL-0259 through 0263  Dwarves

  DEAL-0372  Robot

  DEAL-0106  Female Fighter

  DEAL-0021  Succubus

  F1 Dwarf with Hammer  

  DEAL-0248 through DEAL-0258  Dwarves

  Man on Rock Rack

  Mars Attacks Alien

  Chaos Knights 1010b

  DEAL-0775 through 0778 female moonshiners 

  DEAL-0779 Male moonshiner with knife

  M1  Teen survivor with sniper rifle

  DEAL-0107 Female Prowler

  DEAL-0793 through 0796  DeadTech Riflemen

  MEM-40024 Giraffe x 3

  MEM-40011 Penguins x 3

  MEM-40036 Panda Bear

  MEM-40040 Moose x 3

  MEM-40041 Rhino x 2

  MEM-10003 Giant Lady Bugs

  MEM-10005 Giant Fly

  MEM-20033  Shields

  DEAL-40007a Alligator

  MEM-40005 Chickens

  DEAL-40025b Goose

  Bridge Crew set, 521 through 520

  Control Panel 72001

  Sick Bay 72002

  Boobarians T4, T6


  World's End Publishing

  Mutants DEAL-0708, 709, 710, 711, 1187 and 1188

  DEAL-20035  Ballista

  DEAL-0015 Zombie with bone

  DEAL-0171 Knight with elaborate helmet

  Boobarians T-1, T-3,T-7, and T8

  Dwarf Drummer 1052i

  Alpha Forge Zombies x 8

  Golden Goal Soccer miniatures x 15

  Broodlings 15mm rats  x 5

  Satyr  0667 thru 0670

  Knights 1011c and 1011f

  DEAL-0075 Knight attacking

  DEAL-0080 Knight with ancient sword






  Chaos Knights 1010a, d, e

  MEM-20039  Raft

  MEM-20040 Canoe

  MEM-20041  Row Boat

  MEM-40009  Apes x 3

  MEM-40014 Koala x 3

  MEM-40015 Seals x 3

  MEM-40017 Emu x 3

  MEM-40012 Kangaroo x 3

  MEM-40027 Bison

  MEM-40031 Polar Bears

  MEM-40034 Pony x 3

  MEM-40035 Donkey x 2

  MEM-40037 Llahma

  MEM-40041  Gazell x 3


       In recent years, I have not been able to devote my full attention to Mega Miniatures as I once did.  Inevitably, Mega Miniatures was slated for the wrecking ball.  My casting and mold equipment will remain in my possession for some time as I finish up projects beyond my closing date.     

     I plan on maintaining my e-mail address ( well beyond 2014.  If you have not already done so, please consider “LIKING” my facebook page found above top right.   It has been a great pleasure serving you these past 12 years!

Johnny Lauck

President of Mega Miniatures








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